[thelist] network/performance diagnostic procedures

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Thu Feb 11 16:19:40 CST 2010

If resolving is consistently slow then it's always the ISP's fault. 
Their nameservers are just overloaded with recursive requests. 
Obviously, ISPs have to provide recursive nameservers for their clients 
to ask questions, but they never seem to allocate enough resources.

Most nameservers are not recursive, they just provide the answers about 
domains for which they authoritative. Those answers are normally cached 
for a period of time, so it's highly unlikely these nameservers will be 
slow. Even a slow internet shouldn't have much effect because it's such 
a small amount of data normally.

If you can, try using google's public nameservers and see if it makes 
any difference.


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