[thelist] [facebook] application not collecting fb related data...

Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 11:05:58 CST 2010

Hi there...
I've built an app that is working just great, but I just tried to add
a small wall posting function.
This was to be automated via a daily CRON job scanning users on my
database, that matched certain criteria and then posting a small link
on their wall.

But I'm having probs there..
Basically, when I run a script through
All scripts, wall posts and what not.. work just fine.
But if I call my path directly
it fails. I get FB permission errors.

All my API keys/session keys are correct....

so basically, my question is:

Can stalkbook let me access my apps data (members and permissions)
from outside of the apps.facebook.com domain, when I connect from the
URL registered in the app settings?

This is killing my brain...
Anyone else managed to do this, and got any advice?




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