[thelist] Viability of Wordpress Sites for clients

Administrative HQ english_offline at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 23 14:49:39 CST 2010


I'm looking for opinions and experiences of people who have provided clients with Wordpress sites.

I've been working with Wordpress for a very short time, but a few things have made me question to advisability of providing such sites to clients over the long haul.

First of all, some clients need to be given some degree of administrative access (upload photos, enter calendar events, etc). Wordpress flashes a notice that a new version is available and I'm afraid some one might do it. This could break plugins and wreck the site's functionality.

In looking for suitable plugins, I've found many are poorly maintained on the plugin site (incomplete, no header, can't install/activate) and may or may not work with the next version of Wordpress.

Second, even if the client doesn't do anything, I've seen servers update their php versions from time to time. Couldn't that, sooner or later, become a problem?

Older sites I've put together (html, asp and javascript stuff) have been running for years with no issues. Will Wordpress sites be that stable, or will clients be coming back in a year or two (or five) asking why their sites are broken?

Any opinions, experiences, advice.

Thanks very much,



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