[thelist] Viability of Wordpress Sites for clients

David Demko support at inetcomputerproducts.com
Tue Feb 23 15:07:33 CST 2010


I have worked with Word Press for a few years and find that it is more than
suitable for most of my clients that desire a good CMS system.  The layouts
are easily constructed, the plugins, while good (in general) need to be
looked at closely for viability.  Some are maintained very well, I would
recommend only installing plugins that are needed now and that have good
feedback and stability.  I have somewhere between 10-25 that I have used
many times and have had no issues with while I will always test new ones on
one of my own setups.

As far as upgrades go, I highly recommend keeping them current, although I
have a few that have not updated the base application nor the plugins and
they all work just fine.  What I do is use one of the backup plugins (don't
remember which one right off hand) and when it comes time to "train" them
how to use, and maintain, Word Press I make sure that the backup is done
first (at least that is what I train them to do).  I have never run across
an issue with an older version of Word Press breaking with any server

Regarding the updates, I have found that some manually installed
installations will not take the auto updates anyway but, for the most part,
upgrading is very rarely an issue and takes very little time or effort.  As
long as the template files are not updated, which, only the default
templates are, then you will probably never have an issue.  I always build a
template and set up a new folder for the templates and it works fine.

Just my opinion and experiences with it.

You may also want to look at Modx as I have found that while it provides
less functionality it is far less bloated.

David Demko

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I'm looking for opinions and experiences of people who have provided clients
with Wordpress sites.

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