[thelist] True Park bad for SEO?

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 06:51:15 CST 2010

>(which is very
> small) is wrong in using a "true park" for his two domain names and that is
> the problem.

>You should set a 301 server redirect on the less important Domain to
>redirect it to the domain that is important.

I have never heard of the term 'true park' before, I did a quick
Googling to see if this is some new term but Google doesnt provide
much results for this term, so I would assume this is something
specific to that web host. I have only heard of the term 'parking'
before which is different from redirect.

What you are looking for is a domain forward or redirect. This can be
set in the web host's control panel. Or you can do a 301 or 302
redirect in the htaccess file for one of the domains (from the less
important domain to the more important domain)

You may want to refer to this post by Matt Cutts

where he says about 302 redirects. "By definition, those are redirects
from one domain A.com to another domain B.com that are claimed to be
temporary; that is, the web server on A.com could always change its
mind and start showing content on A.com again."

and refer this url

You may need to decide whether to do a permanent or temporary
redirect. I would prefer temporary redirect (302) because in the
future you could put up a fresh site on the redirecting domain (that
which was getting redirected previously).

301 vs 302 redirects:

If you have any further queries about SEO you could also mail me off-list.

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