[thelist] flash video and IE7 / IE8

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Mar 4 15:28:48 CST 2010

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> On 4 March 2010 18:08, Bob Meetin <bobm at dottedi.biz> wrote:
>> These are true vanilla installs of IE7 and IE8;  it will commonly say
>> something like with no addons, blah...
> I could have the wrong end of the stick here.  Do you mean the
> shortcut to launch IE that you're using says something like "Internet
> Explorer (no addons)"?  This is basically safe-mode for Internet
> Explorer.  Users would not usually be running IE in this mode, if they
> were, they would expect flash to be unavailable as you describe.  You
> need to launch IE normally (without the additional arguments specified
> by the no addons shortcut).

That might be the problem - excuse me, is part of the problem.  I rarely 
use the windows computer excepting for testing how a website looks in 
either IE7 or IE8 (I have it set up to boot in Linux, windows with IE7 
or windows with IE8).  I'm rather ignorant when it comes to Windows.

In IE8 I ignored that shortcut and used the desktop IE menu item as you 
suggest  and it now works. 

However in IE7 it won't cut me any slack.  I ignored the link which was 
saved on the desktop and in the start list, went to the desktop menu and 
ran IE from there.  When it launches it doesn't say anything about with 
no add-ons, looks normal.

However, the video does not display.  If I move the cursor above where 
it should display I see the hover over border suggesting it exists and 
the tooltip that says, "Click to activate and use this control".  
Clicking on it does nothing and even if it did it would be horribly 
counter intuitive.

Certainly I could go to abobe and download flash player (if that is the 
problem) but again, not an intuitive solution.

Over, Bob

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