[thelist] blacklists and hotmail or comcast

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Mar 19 13:30:25 CDT 2010

I have a new client for whom I'm going to have to send a large mailing 
to her opt-in mailing list.  She has not used the list for years an when 
she did apparently she got warnings (or whatever) from hotmail and 
comcast that they were blacklisting her. 

This was probably 6-7 years ago and I know she did not include an 
opt-out mechanism.  I will be sending out the mailing from a server that 
does not have an hourly or daily outgoing email message limit and will 
include an opt-out.

So to make a long story short, is there anything else I need to be aware 
of to avoid  getting her blacklisted?  Is there anything particular 
about hotmail or comcast that paves an ugly path?


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