[thelist] blacklists and hotmail or comcast

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Mar 21 10:54:54 CDT 2010

Jeremy Weiss wrote:
> Bob,
> In addition to what you mentioned, you will probably need to include
> your client's address (per CAN-SPAM act: http://tinyurl.com/6ldb88).
> And to help with complaints and unsubs I always try to remind them of
> when/where they signed up (if that's possible).
> I've never had any problems with Hotmail, but I have run into Comcast
> a few times. Their system kept black listing me automatically. The
> best I could do with them was to contact them and ask them to remove
> me from the black list each time. They were always willing to do so.
> HTH,
> Jerem
I just inherited this project.  Unfortunately the IP address was never 
captured but I can get the register date if that matters.

The newsletter signup did not exist at the onset; looking at the numbers 
of 96000 members 52000 checked Yes, 6000 No and the rest, 38000, fell 
through the cracks before the signup was added to the registration 
form.  Undoubtedly the great majority of those original email address 
are probably no longer valid. Lots of things change in 10 years.

Philosophically speaking, is there an ethical way to contact the still 
valid members of the elder 38000 or so and offer them an opportunity to 
sign up without leading to catastrophic consequences?


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