[thelist] Question regarding 301 redirects

Amy Johnson amy at rocky-hills.com
Tue Mar 23 17:46:58 CDT 2010

My client and I are still having problem wrapping our minds around our
problem with parked domains versus 301 redirect.
My client currently has 2 domain names parked on the same space.  So we have
one set of files for the webpage and two domain names that point to that web
page.   The system administrator says the domain names are PARKED and
insists that is the best way to handle it.  But we are concerned about SEO
duplication penalties.
So, if we wish to set up a 301 redirect, could we just change the .htmaccess
file in our current web space?  Or would that cause problems because we are
dealing with ONE web space not TWO web spaces.  Do we need two web spaces,
one with the primary domain name and the second web space with the secondary
domain name where the secondary web space would just have say one file,
index.html, and an .htmaccess file that redirects to the primary web space?
We have googled this over and over but just find ourselves getting more and
more confused.
Thanks for any help! :-)

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