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Hiya Bob,

iPhone Apps are tightly controlled by Apple and are distribute exclusively
through the iPhone App Store. You develop them with XCode and the iPhone SDK
(http://developer.apple.com/iphone/index.action) — a license will cost you
£60. When you've made your app you will need to submit it to apple for
review and approval (usually two weeks), and they publish it.

Alternatively, you can develop a site to cater for the iPhone's UI and get
most of the desired functionality (events like swipes and rotations have
their own Javascript functions). This would use open technology and wouldn't
cost you, but you'd have difficulty selling it. There's a good guide here:

You can tell whether or not someone is viewing your site with an iPhone by
parsing the UA string (iPhone will return true):

var iPhone = navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i);

Barney Carroll

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On 26 March 2010 00:56, David Laakso <david at chelseacreekstudio.com> wrote:

> Bob Meetin wrote:
>> Other question - would you be using a JavaScript function to determine if
>> a customer is using an iphone so that you can deliver a customized view to
>> their screen?  If yes, then I presume that you will need to customize the
>> CSS and/or content on a page by page basis?
>> -B
> See links under mobile devices on this page [1]; and, also consult your
> good friend and constant companion in all endeavors, Google  --  regarding
> feeding content/style specifically to iPhone,
> [1] <http://chelseacreekstudio.com/site/resources/>
> ~d
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