[thelist] iphone apps

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Mar 26 10:50:51 CDT 2010

Barney Carroll wrote:
> Hiya Bob,
> iPhone Apps are tightly controlled by Apple and are distribute exclusively
> through the iPhone App Store. You develop them with XCode and the iPhone SDK
> (http://developer.apple.com/iphone/index.action) — a license will cost you
> £60. When you've made your app you will need to submit it to apple for
> review and approval (usually two weeks), and they publish it.
> Alternatively, you can develop a site to cater for the iPhone's UI and get
> most of the desired functionality (events like swipes and rotations have
> their own Javascript functions). This would use open technology and wouldn't
> cost you, but you'd have difficulty selling it. There's a good guide here:
> http://blog.mindbites.com/five-things-we-learned-building-our-iphone-site/
> You can tell whether or not someone is viewing your site with an iPhone by
> parsing the UA string (iPhone will return true):
> var iPhone = navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i);
> Regards,
> Barney Carrol
Thanks to all who responded.  Again, with worn out eyes I could never 
engaged in using hand-held devices.  The iPhone is specific to Apple.  
Does this suggest that my client will need to develop the application 
for many common phone models and go through a similar process with their 
phone store/network?

Several Joomla templates at my disposal already have built in 
functionality for delivering a mobile or iphone version.


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