[thelist] iphone apps

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Mar 26 11:13:57 CDT 2010

Bob Meetin asked about a client iPhone app:

Hi Bob,

I don't know either ... because I don't own a smartphone of any flavor.  (Heck, my old crappy cell-o-phone barely makes voice calls!) But I read about them sometimes.  ;-)

>>The iPhone is specific to Apple.  

Kinda-Sorta.  I believe a 'normal' iPhone is tied to the Apple store and that to reach that audience you will need to get your client's app "approved" to be offered through the store.  [See numerous on-line articles on the lack of clear guidelines for how to get your app *in* the store and how to keep it in there once you manage to get it in there.]

However, there are also 'jail broken' iPhones.  My guess, (and it is a guess), is that you might be able to sell your client's app directly to that crowd from your client's web site.  I have no idea how many 'broken' iPhones there are or how you identify them.  But they are out there.  I know folks who have them.

>>Does this suggest that my client will need to develop the application 
>>for many common phone models 

Probably.  There are different operating systems and different sdks for different phone brands and models.  And, just guessing here again, I'm kinda doubting that an app written to work with a phone with a touch screen is gonna work very well on a phone that doesn't have a touch screen ... but that's just a guess.

>>and go through a similar process with their phone store/network?

I dunno - but it shouldn't be too tough to research.

Good luck!  Sounds like an interesting area to explore!


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