[thelist] IE6 headache

Flavia Silveira - FlahDesign registrations at flahdesign.com
Sat Apr 3 14:39:07 CDT 2010


One of my projects has a special request to make it look the same in
IE6 as it is in all the other browsers.
The code is compliant and has no errors. I have a conditional css for
IE6 and with the exception of one little problem with the main content
width everything else is good.
The main leftcontent width though is driving me bonkers. I have put a
background color on the nested divs one by one to see if any was
extending out of the main div's width and found nothing causing the 30
extra px to be there. The leftcontent div should end at the end of the
flash movie. Instead it has some 40px more. That means I can't move
the rightcontent items 25px to the left and over the main bg.
I left the bg color on the leftcontent and rightcontent divs for now
while I work on trying to figure it out.
If anybody would take a look at it and maybe point out where the
culprit is, I would appreciate it.


Thank you,

Flavia Silveira

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