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Sun Apr 11 11:00:08 CDT 2010

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 8:47 AM, Jack Timmons <jorachim at gmail.com> wrote:

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> > so, I'll just do that, but if y'all wanna eavesdrop on me talking to
> myself
> > here, feel free
> We're always happy to help!
> When do they start teaching adding with carryovers? Third grade?

that comes suspiciously close to a slam there, until you added

> I'm trying to get my son to learn them.

dunno; my last publicly schooled child left elementary school over a decade

you know how the game Risk has pieces that mean one unit, and pieces that
mean 10 units, so you can simplify moving your armies around the board?
great visual for the concept.

I'll bet there's a way to twist this into a web dev topic but I haven't had
my tea yet, so I'll have a shot at a tip

<tip type="prompt responses build trust" author="spinhead">
A prompt response is vital to customer service. But note, that doesn't
necessarily mean a prompt resolution.

Sometimes, the prompt response can be "received your email; requires
thought; will respond fully by Friday/3:00/when I finish this thing" and the
sender is much happier than if you'd simply ignored them until you'd had a
good think. Declare your intent to respond. Unless they really really need
your attention before Friday or 3:00 or when you finish that thing, your
response is what they were looking for, even without immediate resolution.

Since many technical folks don't do this (waiting, instead, to respond when
they have a complete answer) your superior knowledge of human nature (the
desire for an immediate response, not necessarily immediate resolution) will
make you stand out from lesser mortals.

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