[thelist] contract vs. requirements doc

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Apr 14 09:41:52 CDT 2010

> It's up to the parties involved, but I would ask why you wouldn't want
> the things you're supposed to provide in the contract? If the contract
> is based upon that list of deliverables, then it's advantageous for
> you to include them in the contract. That should deter the client
> going back and trying to say you agreed upon things you didn't, etc.
> A document may be lengthy, but having a lengthy contract that protects
> you is a lot better than a neater, nicer one that leaves you open to
> further paperwork in more strenuous circumstances, right
"laughably lengthy documentation." - Will it be intellectual property theft if I add this to my signature?  Love it.

I'm fine with including or referring to the functional requirements with a formal signoff as Matt noted as well. I actually suggested that we do a contract. I believe she grabbed a generic contract off the internet and contoured it to our needs.  Of course it includes about 10 vanilla legal clauses that would take a team of attorneys to interpret. Due diligence.

Thank you both.

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