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I don't believe that Explorer has the capability to support the user at domain
user format. If using a regular FTP client isn't an option, then you could
have them go directly to the ftp server in Explorer "ftp://ftp.domain.com",
They will get prompted for a user and password and can save the password by
choosing the "save password" option. There is also an option to map a
network drive that can be directly pointed to the FTP, but again it will be
slower than a real FTP client. 


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I tried setting up an FTP account for family to drop images/videos then 
give them instructions to use either windows explorer or firefox.

Both methods work if I use the main user account and password, but both 
fail if I use a custom FTP account created using the cPanel FTP 
manager.  I'm thinking that neither likes the fact that the FTP manager 
account naming convention is:

FTP username: account at domain.com

The windows method (substituting variables of course) is:

1) Open My Computer
2) Click View --> Toolbar --> Address Bar
3) In the address bar enter: ftp:account at domain.com:password at domain.com

which fails.  The main user account which succeeds:

ftp:account:password at domain.com

Is there any workaround for ftp accounts that are named like this?


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