[thelist] Looking for extra-reliable, extra-secure .Net hosting

Edward McCarroll Ed at ComSimplicity.com
Thu Apr 22 07:21:10 CDT 2010

I've been tasked to find an appropriate host for a payroll application, and 
I'm not even sure what questions I should be asking.  (Um, yes, it would be 
better if someone with more expertise were doing this, but ...)

As this app will be generating paychecks and dealing with Social Security 
numbers, I need as secure and as reliable a host as possible.  It also 
needs to be Microsoft host offering the latest versions of .Net, SQL 
Server, IIS, and Windows Server.

So, more than specific recommendations, I'm looking for guidance as to what 
are the "right questions" to be asking.  (Specific recommendations also 


  Ed McCarroll

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