[thelist] Looking for extra-reliable, extra-secure .Net hosting

James O'Donnell jimmyropes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 01:41:30 CDT 2010

SharePoint is the one I would recommend for Enterprise application.

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Edward McCarroll noted:

>>I've been tasked to find an appropriate host for a payroll application ...

Hi Ed,

Seriously?  Payroll on a web host?  Wow.  

I would recommend either buying an app for a well-secured in-house box ...
or outsourcing the entire function.  There are a number of companies that
will handle outsourced Payroll, HR, and other functions.  I believe their
clientele is mostly small to mid-sized companies.  Sometimes it can be a
good move to outsource a function and have it handled well.  

Hmmm.  A quick googled stat claims that "58% of companies with fewer than
500 employees outsource their payroll function ... and 28% of companies with
10,000+ employees."

Just sounds like a safer route to me.



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