[thelist] Looking for extra-reliable, extra-secure .Net hosting

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 01:42:47 CDT 2010

On 22 Apr 2010, at 15:57, Ed McCarroll wrote:

> We're looking to become one of those companies which serve the "58% of 
> companies with fewer than 500 employees". 

Well, you're ambitious, anyway. Nothing like jumping into one of the most fiercely competitive markets in business services, with some of the toughest requirements.

How are you integrating with customers' systems? Again, you're looking for uber-reliable. If you have aspirations to serve anyone more than the Mom & Pop level, you *will* have customers asking for Websphere MQ. Which is at least 1 more box (and an arm & a leg to IBM Software Group). And customers asking for strong separation of their data.

Your degree of audit is going to have to be impressive - I'd be looking at being able to replay any and all transactions.

> Which brings me back to the original question: what are the "right 
> questions" to be asking if I'm looking for maximum security and maximum 
> reliability?

While you may not own your own data centre, you'll need a very similar setup, on a smaller scale.

You'll be looking at a minimum of 2 boxes (per location - Hassan's on the money with distributed): 1 DB server & 1 app server. So you'll need your own VPN, in your own rack in your own cage.


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