[thelist] feedback on my radio show archive pages

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at mch.govt.nz
Tue Apr 27 17:10:26 CDT 2010

Hi Joel,

I think the text is fine. The layout is a little jumbled.

I see the page having key content and auxiliary content.

Key content:
'what's it all about?' (could be terser)

Auxiliary content
'what listeners are saying'
'be part of the show'

It would help if structurally / visually the two types of content were
treated differently.

Oh, and the player for me doesn't skip to the next part automatically
(FF 3.6 Win) - I have to manually click the next part to start it.

Great content by the way - I only planned to listen to part 1, but here
I am on part 3 :)

Oh, and stop centering all your headings ;)


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shoemaker's children time: http://businessheretics.com/radio/

<http://businessheretics.com/radio/>the archives, and perhaps the page
itself, are cobbled together, and now I'm too close to see the forest

can you find your way around? are the links to old shows, and back
again, findable?

does the text make sense?

what other questions are there?

thanks muchly


Joel at Bizba6.com

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