[thelist] system background process php

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Apr 29 11:48:16 CDT 2010

> The difference perhaps between local speed and HG may be whom owns the 
> Apache daemon at the time the script is running. Guessing your local 
> server is running as root user and HG has properly configured Apache 
> for you as just a user. Permissions are also likely to be the answer 
> also for needing a temp file.
> What kind of file is being resized? By chance an image file, is there 
> an improvement using ImageMagick?
> cheers,
>    Mark
> -- 
HG staff suggested that the VPS account that I am running with is 
underpowered.  I was at the point of upgrading anyway, so this is not 
horrible news, but I am wondering whether the next level will be 
sufficient.  A L5 it starts getting pricey.

Level 3 (now): CPU 1.13GHZ / RAM: 768MB
Level 4: CPU 1.98GHZ / RAM: 1344MB

Level 5: CPU 2.68GHZ / RAM: 1824MB

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