[thelist] What is normal 'ImageMagick' processing on VPS hosting? - Closure

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed May 12 12:27:32 CDT 2010

Closure at last. 

Background: This simple command, "convert image.jpg -resize 480 
image480.jpg" was taking about 9 seconds on my HostGator VPS account 
with good processing speed and ample memory. On the former shared 
account it completed in about a second.

I checked around, looked into perhaps 20 other providers that offered 
VPS - all indicated that they ran dual or quad core.  I was going to try 
to do a comparative test, but without a comparable setup, this could not 

HostGator staff told me this was because it was a single core 
processor.  - Wrong wrong wrong!

A couple folks on the ImageMagick forum, perhaps someone here, suggested 
to reinstall ImageMagick and disable openmp.  I did this when running 
configure, "./configure --disable-openmp".

This worked.  It now processes in under 1 second and doesn't peak the 
load average, nor raise eyebrows.

If anyone is interested in the spreadsheet I put together on the VPS 
providers I queried, just whistle. 


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