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Not sure if this will help, but I use and love Bookshelf for the iPhone, and the app includes an automatic conversion tool that takes html and converts it beautifully to .pdb ("plucker?") format. Well, most html -- I've had ugly results using html created by MS-Word (but that's another story).

Anyway, here's the applicable language from the Bookshelf support site relating to the auto/internal conversion:

[from http://www.iphonebookshelf.com/formats.html]
Plucker with images [.pdb] - Natively Supported

Plucker is originally a PalmOS format and is supported natively by BookShelf. This is BookShelf's "native" format, and many of the formats below are transparently converted to Plucker on the fly by the ShelfServer application. The Plucker format was designed for quick random access with an absolute minimum of seeking through the file required. Indexes are built when the file is created which make possible near instant seeking on the device.

Images are supported and automatically resized to a maximum 300 pixels in width. A full-size version of the image is also included to allow panning & zooming on the full resolution. The original character encoding is read from the setting contained in the Plucker file, but this default can be overridden on the phone if necessary. File content is compressed to use a minimum amount of space on the device.

ShelfServer provides an option which controls whether certain file types are converted to Plucker. It is recommended that this option be left at the default settings of "ALL". Many other file types, especially large files, will suffer degraded performance unless they're allowed to be converted to Plucker.

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I have been searching for a tool that will allow me to publish my books in EPUB format so that I can try to get them onto the iPad.  I have previously used Amazon Kindle which takes PDF and mangles them.  :-(

I have the schema for EPUB format but hand-coding pseudo-XML for a multi-hundred page manuscript is not my idea of a good use of time.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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