[thelist] Redirects on IIS for SEO

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed May 12 23:06:56 CDT 2010

Hi Todd,

If you are on IIS7 (or later) there is a native rewrite module you can use to rewrite paths.
A custom 404 error page is another option
Alternatively, redirects can be configured in IIS directly (if know that all requests for a particular folder should go to another folder, for example)


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We ISAPI Rewrite running on our IIS box (http://www.isapirewrite.com/)

Might do what you want


On 12 May 2010, at 17:09, "Todd Richards" <todd at promisingsites.com>

> We moved a site from a Linux server to a Windows server running IIS.  
> I get
> notices when 404 pages are hit, so I can see what is happening.   
> I've been
> seeing errors for pages that were probably legitimate on the old 
> server.
> However, they do not exist on the new server.
> What is the best way to handle this in IIS?  I don't really want to  
> set up a
> bogus file for each of the "bad" pages to do a 301 redirect, and in  
> some
> cases they might have been a PDF file.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> Todd

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