[thelist] DB Server

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Thu May 13 15:16:14 CDT 2010

Hey All -


This isn't a question of can it be done, since I know it can.  I've heard a
lot about putting your DB on one server, and your sites on another.  I
hadn't worried too much about it because I wasn't suffering from performance
issues or anything (at least I don't think I am).  However, what I am tired
of is having 4 servers with MS SQL Server on them (3 of them are Server 2000
and one is 2008).  So I'd like to get this worked out so that I have one
MSSQL DB server, one MySQL DB server, and then the server for my sites.  


In the sites that I've worked on for clients who host their sites elsewhere,
I notice information for the DB connection, such as a CNAME record for
mydb.domainname.com, which points to the hosts record.  


But I'm guessing, just like IIS, you have to tell the server "something" so
that it will accept those requests.  I've done a little bit of Googling, but
not sure I'm searching for the right questions.  I'm looking for information
on how to do this for both a server running MySQL and another server running
MSSQL Server. 


Any tips or links would be great.





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