[thelist] Higher Screen Resolutions

Jenni Beard jenni at theweblotus.com
Thu May 20 12:15:11 CDT 2010

Bob, I researched this not too long ago.  The standard should really still
be 1024x768, though I know that at times if a target audience is believed to
mostly have the larger screens then it may be somewhat appropriate in
certain situations to use a larger design to suit those (i.e., a site whose
target audience is web or graphic design people).

Chances are that your tech friend is living in his own world, where he and
his colleagues are all using the larger screens and in his belief, that has
become the norm.  I imagine that he would be surprised at the stats for the
general population.

I do wish that there was a method to more accurate stats on this, because
the stats we see are highly skewed by spiders, etc.




I have been sticking with making sites to suit 1024 x 768 resolution 
monitors.  Yesterday I fell into a spirited debate with a tech guy who 
said that 1440 x 900 is now the standard and of course I'm behind the 
times.  So I went back to the browser stats page and was surprised at 
the percentage of screens at or above 1440x900.  It amounts to about 33%. 

Any feedback on what the current target should be?  Aside from fluid width?


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