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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Fri May 21 04:42:36 CDT 2010

On 2010/05/21 10:05 (GMT+0100) Barney Carroll composed:

> People don't get screens
> that wide so that applications can fill the whole thing, they do it for
> having several applications show at once.

Yes, and no. Many have no comprehension that resolution exists, and only care
what a "bigger" screen can offer. There are two primary things a bigger
screen can offer:

1-space for more things to fit

2-bigger things

Some want the first, some want the second, and some want some combination of
both. By limiting size to some arbitrary width defined in px, you defeat the
purpose of most or all of those wanting the second who don't know about
resolution, and some of those wanting the second who do comprehend resolution.

> When you get bigger than 1020px,
> you get to the point where the eye has to move to be able to take in the
> whole thing.

For some that's true, for others false. To be correct, one must say

	when you get bigger than X wide, you get to the point...

The meaning of X depends on the physical size of each px, and on distance
between eyes and display, and on the viewer's comfortable field of view. If
that value is Y wide at a distance of Z, then the better answer would be a
function of how many characters fit in the Y space, typically somewhere in
the vicinity of 60em to 90em, regardless of Z, however many px are required
to achieve it. Limiting width to Xem instead of Xpx that's exactly the
result, regardless of resolution or screen size.
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