[thelist] How to Find a Content Writer

Sam Polenta sam.polenta at gmail.com
Sun May 23 09:26:48 CDT 2010

I am launching a new SAAS. It's based on open source software and so
what I am really offering is hosting and managing and training and
support and consulting. I didn't make any software for this (beyond a
few tweaks here and there of the existing package) and the hardware is
rented so I have not yet invested a whole lot in this venture, nor am
I interested in investing much, until I see that it works. I made a
site to advertise my new SAAS (and take signups etc) but I think it's
way too nerdy and technical, how I wrote it. I think I should hire
someone to to identify the best way to appeal to the market I am
trying to target and then to redo the content accordingly. Someone who
is not such a nerd like me. :)

The only problem is that writing (and marketing and advertising) are
fields which are far too subjective for me to understand well. I don't
even want to any actual marketing or advertising just yet--I have a
bit of interest as it is and I have sites that are willing to link to
me as soon as I am ready and anyway I want to start small to make sure
I do a good job with the first clients.

So what I do need is a writer. I guess I need a writer who knows about
marketing, but anyhow I don't have a large budget for this. Can anyone
suggest how to find the right party? Offline suggestions are also


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