[thelist] Automate photo upload/resize

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Thu Jul 8 04:20:33 CDT 2010

> > > I'm looking for a simple utility that will allow me to upload
> > > an image, resize it, and save it on my web server.
> > Hint: might want to specify a platform preference or two  :-)
> .Net/IIS (sorry, that wasn't my brightest moment)

I just found this with a quick google - maybe it will help?


If you're using .NET then you have all the tools you need to resize the
image as part of the .NET framework. The basic procedure is: upload the
image to a file, open the image, work out the new size you want, create
a new bitmap that size, draw the existing image onto the new bitmap,
save it to a file, delete the old one.



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