[thelist] audio files (.wav)

Will willthemoor at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 21:37:33 CDT 2010

On Jul 8, 2010, at 2:30 PM, Phil Turmel <pturmel-webdev at turmel.org> wrote:
> Command line: you probably want sox.  You can downmix from stereo to mono, resample if you don't need high freqs, and then encode to just about every audio format available.
Just want to repeat the point about mono. It'll cut your file sizes in half, no matter which format you go with. 

As far as format, I guess it depends on your purpose. If it's to just share memories, mono mp3 will go a long way. If you think family members will want to download and store the recordings, lossless compression of some sort may be the ticket. 

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