[thelist] PHP to CF: Can you translate these functions?

Frank Marion lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Jul 9 11:49:01 CDT 2010

I'm currently "translating" a small app from PHP to Coldfusion. I  
don't know PHP, but it's programming, so most of it is figureoutable.  
I do have a couple items that I'm stuck on, since Google returns no  
meaningful results for certain searches. Can someone help me confirm/ 
deny/clarify the following?

Is this true: isset = IsDefined() ?

Is this true: unset = "make IsDefined("variable and associated value")  
EQ false"  ?

Is this true: class _database {...} - <cfcomponent>  ?

Is this true: .implode = ArrayToList()  ?

Is this true: @fwrite and @fclose = <cffile action = "write">  ?

Is this true: die("something") = something<cfabort>  ?

Inside functions, I'm seeing things like: $this->table = $table

What does "->" mean? $this->confuses me

class aclassname extends _database

Not sure what extending a class is about or it's CF equivalent.  


Frank Marion
lists [_at_] frankmarion.com

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