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DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 16:38:55 CDT 2010

> Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 22:26:56 +0200
> From: jens.brueckmann at gmail.com
> To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
> Subject: Re: [thelist] PHP_SELF / Contact Form

> As you do not have an established connection to a database, this
> function is useless. Just scrap it from your input validation.
> Concerning the action attribute, use plain action="contact.php" or
> action="mypages/contact.php" without the php PI

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> Jens Brueckmann
> http://www.yalf.de

@Jens and Kevin
Sorry for replying a little late. I Created a dump database. I now connect to the database. I also changed the location and did make the contact page an independent page. So it is now going through the form validation process and it works as expected.

However I have got a quick question. In order to maintain the user data in the form fields I am using the php short tags for instance <?=$name?>
As I was reading an article suggesting that short tags have security issues and that it is not a good idea to use them. unfortunately I do not remember the article url.

I did try <?php $name ?> however it did not work. the question is why it does not work? Am I mistaking somewhere and it should work?



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