[thelist] CF: Coldfusion doesn't do OOP!

Frank Marion lists at frankmarion.com
Thu Aug 12 10:33:24 CDT 2010

I've run into an argument with a potential employer who exclaimed  
(sneered?) "You can't do OOP in CF, only in Java!".

I know it's not true, and aside from the tricky proposition of  
correcting someone gracefully, and not being fluent in CF-OOP I wasn't  
able to give a really satisfying comeback ("Does so!" isn't  
compelling). I know that the OOP in CF is somewhat imperfect, but I  
was hoping that someone could offer me a solid response to the  
assertion. When I look up OOP in wikipedia, I can see the following.

The fundamental concepts in OOP are

Classes: We have those, we just call them components.

Instance: Anytime we cfinvoke or CreateObject("component"  
"myComponent") we are instantiating a class.

Methods: cffunction.

Message passing. Yup, we can invoke one CFC from another.

Inheritance: This is something that I don't think CF does unless  
extending a cfc handles this.

Abstraction. Yep. We can hide our methods and feed out only within the  
scope we want.

Polymorphism. I don't think so.

Decoupling. Don't know enough to answer well.

I could very much be wrong, but aren't frameworks like ColdSpring  
designed to address issues to emulate polymorphism?

Can someone offer a pithy answer that is both graceful and factual?  
And if anyone wanted to clarify the above, that might be nice too.


Frank Marion
lists [_at_] frankmarion.com

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