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On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Barney Carroll
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> You have two options: one of them involves having the sequence of records
> appear in table cells on a single-rowed table — a table row won't break to
> fit the line (although it will shrink as much as possible unless you specify
> widths for the cells themselves).
> If you're squeamish about using tables for things other than the
> presentation of data for bona-fide two-dimensional cross-referencing, you
> will have to float the containers for each record entry...

Option 3: If you can ignore crap browsers -- I know, I know -- you
can use `display: table-row`, `display: table-cell`, etc. -- for *much*
better CSS-based control in this situation than floats.

Otherwise, apply Squeamishness-B-Gone liberally.

If the origin of the data is a DB row the quantity is irrelevant -- 1 row,
100 rows, lebenty ziptillion rows -- it's tabular data.

Use a table. Be happy. :-)

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