[thelist] navigation / browser back / bookmarking / dynamic pages

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Sep 15 17:48:20 CDT 2010

I'm working on a member site in which members will have the ability or 
create personal profiles, profile of their pets and do other customized 
functions such as create pet galleries.  As you get further into the 
website and into some of these functions the URL grows with additional 
ID types and such.


That's just an example.  Right or wrong, I expect people to be 
bookmarking pages, perhaps pages that will disappear over time.

Q1: What's a good practice or method for handling the problem, 
redirecting them so that they don't end up in cyberspace?

I recall internet explorer used to have problems dealing with browser 
back and ending up on the confusing white page expired page.

Q2: Is there anything I need to beware of or take into consideration to 
reduce the problem to a minimum?


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