[thelist] the expense of handling video uploads

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Oct 10 09:53:51 CDT 2010

I'm working on a project in which members will have the option to either 
embed videos or do video uploads.  If we go with uploads we can set 
limits in terms of both video size and quantity per account (perhaps 
total space but that's not yet relevant).  Simple math tells me that if 
the project is successful, space requirements could get out of control 
very fast, bandwidth as well.  100MB or 10 minutes has been common (yes 
I know they don't equate). 

Thinking conservative math:

100MB * 1000 members = 100GB

Some members will never upload a video and others many.  I think the 
platinum VPS hosting package tops out at around 250GB disk space plus an 
arm and a leg in monthly fees. Your suggestions and options appreciated.


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