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My experience with them is limited, but Sedo was recommended in a number of
places when I decided to put a couple of my extra domains up for sale. I
haven't sold them yet, so I haven't had any hands on experience with their
escrow service, or other aspects of the sales process with them, but I
wouldn't be too worried about them as a company,


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A client wanna-be asked me to check on whether it is legit or not that a 
domain name she wants is being offered through an auction at Sedo.com.  
Aside from ebay I have no experience with these things.  It lists a 
current bid of around $70 and says no reserve price but that the reserve 
is somewhere between $1 - $500.

Hopefully I am not opening a can of worms, but feedback is appreciated, 
on or off list.

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