[thelist] Correct procedure for removing files from a site

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 12:30:12 CDT 2010

 > What do you mean the content has been "superceded"?
> Is the content outdated, wrong, false, untweaked, incomplete, dysfunctional, erroneous, or misleading?
> To know how to deal with the files, it would help to know why they are no longer relevant or are indeed useless.

well i donno how to answer you. what I would say is that i made a
redesign of the site giving  more informative urls, and pruning down
some of the content. that sort of thing. i dont want to put up a 404
error because the search engines will start listing a 404 page for the
"missing files" but then again at least the user is kept happy &
informed as to whats happened. normally I have just deleted it and
wait for the SE to update its index but as i am back to this situation
again in the lifecycle i thought while there was a moment to really
find out what was the *best* thing to do. delete and forget-about-it
or preserve and inform the SE?

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