[thelist] to demonstrate JQuery as visual effect tool

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Fri Oct 15 01:46:13 CDT 2010

Hello. We have a customer recently demanding flash-based animation,
thinking flash is the best to get the visual impression she demands (and
she think her business needs). Unlike most other clients who wants to
have a certain result in the end, she try to make personal taste by
selecting from a few flash based animation (mostly variants of
slideshows) and ask us to implement for her.

I explained we use JQuery and we can handle most slideshow requirements.
She then brings a valid point: if she select from a royalty-free flash
effect library, as she did a few times before when working with other
web designers, she have the confidence that what she choose can simply
be taken and used with almost zero additional effort (thus not too much
cost charged by web designer). If we recommend JQuery, she prefers to
select form a "royalty-free" JQuery effect demo library to make our work
easier, otherwise she might selected a flash effect of flash demo
library that is hard to do in JQuery (or look different on JQuery) thus
end up in either bad delivery or bargain over cost. So, she think we
should propose a JQuery based effect library for her to base personal
choice on.

Question is: does there exist a good JQuery based effect library?
Consider the client is a very visual person, a list of names of special
effect would not help her a lot. On the other hand, if no demo-library a
list of websites with impressive JQuery effects on the front page helps
he a lot. In fact, if unmatchedstyles.com have a special section called
"good jQuery usages" it would be perfect.

Personally I don't want to emphasize the effects too much, for usability
reason as well as that I don't see a usage-oriented demand of more
special effects and visual impressions, as we are not making website for
TV or movie star but an ordinary business. But I'd also be happen to
know a good JQuery effect demo library that works for visual person, as
we are under completion from flash-loving designers who can and like to
offer such thing.

Thanks in advance!


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