[thelist] domain auction

Viggie viggie at viggie.com
Tue Oct 19 22:46:36 CDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 10:49 -0400, David Kaufman wrote:

> I've used Sedo to buy and sell several domains and, in my humble
> opinion, they are the only respectable outfit for doing either.

It's reassuring to know buying/selling experiences from the list.

On a similar note, I would like to know the pros & cons of selling
websites through Flippa.com.  One of my client is looking to sell at
least 3 of their sites & not sure how to go about it.   Similar to
buying/selling domains there seems to be many sites focussed on
buying/selling websites.  Among them flippa.com seems to be prominent.

Since selling websites also involve selling the domain name, Flippa also
handles domain auction (without an accompanying website).  I haven't
heard their name suggested here.  If any body have experiences on Flippa
or other sites that help in selling websites, please share with the

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