[thelist] <s>Spam</s> Marketing Email Return

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Oct 24 11:27:56 CDT 2010

Matt Warden wrote:
> So I have matured my understanding of spam. Spam is not unsolicited
> email. Spam is unsolicited email that I don't want.
==>> Not only that I don't want but it commonly takes a form letter 
approach, form letter formatting, is typically but not always impersonal 
in nature as in:

Hi, or Hello, Dear Sir, Madam...

I have recently visited your site, YOURSITE...  We are a major XYZ firm 
from Mars employing ...

- AND - they are typically (99.9%) caught by my SPAM filtering service.  
I only see them in the nightly spam report along with the occasional 
personal and health spam that we all are accustomed to. Every now/then I 
take a couple of these unsolicited SPAM messages and dump them verbatim 
into a category called spam in my blog.   Sorry, but I don't have 
patience nor compassion for spammers and/or scams. 

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