[thelist] responsiveness from "the coffee shop"

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 08:16:00 CDT 2010

>  The site in question commonly loads the home page
> in about 2 1/2 seconds at home where I have average 1.5Mbps broadband.  The
> client reported pages loading in 3 1/2 minutes at the coffee

hate to say the obvious but I take it all the other websites your
client visited at the coffee shop were loading at acceptable speeds?

if you can find out what time the client loaded their site look at the
network & processor loads - you should be able to get a graph from
your host for the time. e.g. : some think like:

you can also ask if they have tried it at other places with a * good *

but underneath all this is: why should you take the hit for a shoddy

betcha it was one user hogging all the b/w. they ought to install some
network throttle per user at that place, but you know "its a coffee
shop" - why would they bother / care? it matters more to you that it
does them!

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