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Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 12:10:38 CDT 2010

the other thing you could try to settle her worries would be some kind
of continual quality assurance - weekly report of the load times done
by a third party.

on my first look for such a service I found this:


but obviously its not a weekly thing, but maybe their "gold account" does it.

vertain provide a basic service $25 / yr with testing every hour and
offer a weekly report.


looks like just the ticket!

The only thing I would say here is that performance from say vertain
to texas hostgator but how would it be from texas to say a server in
Australia? Might need a testing provider in australia. I think it
would come down to where the majority of your clients customers are

other things in passing:


http://www.pingdom.com/ does a sms report, though seems to track
uptime rather than page load times.

if s/he says "why should I buy this when my site should just work" -
i'll leave that to you to answer! buying peace of mind? provides
evidence that the service isnt what they thought it was? dunno!

rgds, Alex

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