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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Oct 29 09:26:08 CDT 2010

Thx again.

L. M. Arun wrote:
> Try CloudFlare and SteadyOffload and google for common
> website performance and speed enhancements. (firebug comes
> to mind - measure, optimize, measure, optimize, measure...)
==> I've been using Firebug for charting response times all along.  For 
each page that I test, now about 20 incorporating various performance 
enhancing steroids,  I'm clearing browser cache first, then reloading 
the page and charting the time.  A sequence takes a minute to two, 
depending on how fast I can write, so I typically repeat it several 
times to get an average.  Certainly regular variables such as broadband 
connection, route and server impact the results - but this is real life-ish.
> A list of such enhancements is here but undoubtedly there
> are other pages covering this area further and in greater
> detail.
> http://petewilliams.info/blog/2009/08/speed-up-your-site-and-get-a-y-slow-grade-a/
> Best practices for speeding up your website:
> http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#gzip
==> That's a great summary - something I found last year: 
> As regards CDN you may want to look into MaxCDN and SimpleCDN both are aimed
> at the masses so they should be reasonably priced.
==> I'm working with Joomla in this case - I licensed a CDN plugin this 
week and installed it on one of my test servers; it works with Amazon 
AWS and Amazon Cloudfront.  With the small amount of testing behind me 
it appears that Cloudfront is helping more than just AWS in terms of 
response time and consistency.  Now at least I understand why on some 
sites I would see the amazon stuff.
> If you are using custom fonts try hosting fonts in a place other than your
> server, such as on webfonts.fonts.com or fontdeck or typefront. They likely
> have CDN already so loading fonts could become faster.
> If using jquery (who isnt) load the files from code.google.com.
> The servers are likely replicated and cached locally around the world
> for faster access.
==> Be it jquery or mootools I often wondered why I sometimes saw 
websites that were doing this.  On the flip side I commonly see sites 
running little advertising/marketing applets (or whatever you call them) 
that are hosted on another website and are carrying some performance 
baggage - you can just see them hang, also FaceBook and Twitter.
> See
> http://code.google.com/speed/
> If your site delivers video content use a specialized video streaming cdn
> if you can afford it
> http://www.edgecast.com/services/streaming/
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