[thelist] news aggregator suggestions?

L. M. Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 22:30:10 CDT 2010

>A standalone aggregator seems like a better idea, but which one?
>Google points me to Phprssreader, over and over. Even the free version
>looks adequate. Maybe. Has anybody used it? Do they like it?
>I've gone through the listings at Sourceforge, and none of them look
>promising. Some of those scripts' development has been suspended,
>one's still in beta, and most of them are desktop readers rather than
>scripts intended to be incorporated into a website.

If you have only one rss feed to display you can use this free script

See the user-installable scripts section here

if you google 'open source php rss' you get even more
options than phprssreader.

Last year I wrote a basic php rss reader myself. You give it one feed url
and set options and it will output the contents of the feed. If you need
that script, email me.

This one is more like a rss reader rather than one intended to display
feed content on a website.

If you have many different rss feeds you can combine them into one
feed using xfruits.com "aggregator rss".

If you want commercial script you can find one at hotscripts



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