[thelist] Online Consumer Experience

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 14:30:40 CDT 2010

It's interesting to be a "regular" web user sometimes. My wife filled
up two shopping carts today and then I checked out for her, when I
came home with my credit card.

One site let me use PayPal, which I did, and it was easy and I got an
email in 30 seconds confirming my purchase. Then in under two hours I
got another email that my order was shipped. Now that's what I call

On the other site, I had to enter my CC and my shipping and billing
address and then checkout. Ten minutes later I finally got an email
confirming my order and then I felt comfortable to close that browser

When you see them side by side, you begin to appreciate how TO and how
NOT TO do ecommerce. :)


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