[thelist] Sensitve information on the web

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 14:11:48 CDT 2010

> ?! What would be the point of that, if the end user needs to have that
> actual data to e.g. fill out a tax form?

I wouldnt assume that people who post answers have read your question
throughly. Have they asked you clarifying questions? if not you could
assume the answer will be a blanket response covering a multitude of
situations. This is after all a "free" service, but I continue to be
amazed at some of the accuracy & depth of some answers I have seen on
this list to questions. Though that tends to happen on more general
questions like the recent one about the poor connection at the coffee
shop which I learned a heck-of-a lot from.

Hope you get your answer, interesting topic

rgds, Alex


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