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Mohan Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 21:07:28 CST 2010

>>Has anybody seen anything similar? I've seen plenty of content-linking
>>inferred from user behaviour, ie people who bought this also bought these,
>>people reading this found this page useful, but nothing that demands
>>specific user interaction or that is so specific in the content

There are plenty of 'related page widgets' available, all for free.
Some I can remember are Linkwithin, surphace, pluck, zemanta, dotspots
(since closed), outbrain.

See 'pluck on demand'
point B in 'how does it work?'
Is this what you have in mind.

Many of these differ in what they deem as 'related pages' - some like
mean pages within the same site, and for some like outbrain, related means
pages from anywhere on the web.

I think you want something like where people are able to
'pick' related pages and vote on them as to which is best related.

I would build this custom into the CMS that your site is using.
Allow the publisher to pick what are the 'related pages' for a particular
And then, as users click related page links, keep track of count of clicks
per link.
The higher the number of clicks a related page link receives, that link is
going to appear higher on the list of related pages.

I didnt have time to check out this but heres another link

To reach this page I clicked on http://developer.zemanta.com and then
scroll to find the place where it says "You want to integrate Zemanta in
your custom CMS? Here's how: Zemanta Javascript

Basically it looks like it is going to pull related pages from everywhere on
the web based on which page you are trying to publish, if thats what you
want. May be there's some setting which you can use to specify, pull only
related pages from the same site, and not other sites, if thats what you

Mohan Arun L.

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