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Mohan Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 21:25:59 CST 2010

>>I dont want to be rude but your page takes a *long* time to load. was
that intentional? seriously - its about 1 or 2 minutes!

Thanks for being a reader, Alex, and thanks for bringing this to my
knowledge. :)
I think the slow speed could be because yesterday I posted a Scribd
embedded document as well as some hotlinked pictures from twitpic.
Usually the blog is all text but recently it contains some images so
it may be one of the reasons. Googling 'how to speed up wordpress' and
acting on the same is on my todo list but I know it is going to take
some time before I get around to it ! This is mostly because traffic
has been low so far, with 50 visitors/week and it is just not
motivating me enough to spend more time shaping up the blog.

By the way, in your blog, on the November 1, 2010 post you have
written "my new license" and shared something as creative commons
but it is not clear what exactly is being shared - is it the contents
of the blog itself? If so, wouldnt it find a better place on the
footer, and not as a post? If I click on your name in the post it goes
to a page where it says 'no recent posts'. Is this something you
probably overlooked.:)

And further, is there a creative commons license type where I can say
"anyone can use this for non commercial and non profit making
purposes, but if you are going to make money out of it, you very well
can, but then you need to contact me so we can work out how to share
the profits..." As far as I have seen, there is no way to specify this
kind of clause in the Creative Commons license? It seems to be
either-or choice between Commercial and Non-commercial? Am I missing
something obvious?

Mohan Arun L.

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