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My query on cc-licensing:
Thanks all, for the responses clarifying the cc-licensing thing. So I
could offer a parallel license that specifies conditions for
commercial usage of derivatives.

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Bill Moseley wrote:
> My question is this: is it possible to return a correct content type
> (applcation/json) and not have browsers ask to save? ?In other words, is
> there a better approach than using an incorrect text/* content type?

I may be wrong, but why not trigger the form submit using ajax, and
then read the return value (json) inside a function and then translate
the json into user-friendly message in javascript and then display
this message in the browser? I could be wrong, because I am not into
web development much.

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Alex Beston wrote:
>>If I have:
>>how do I convert it to -

You need URL rewrites in htaccess.

Something like this (I am not exactly sure about the syntax)

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^http://www.example.com/folder/index\.shtml$

if you are only looking to serve index.shtml file if the /folder/ is
requested then you can specify this filename as "DirectoryIndex".


instead of naming individual files with different names, use
consistent file naming so this can be accomplished with DirectoryIndex
alone without needing RewriteRule's.

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From: "Nan Harbison"

>>I have a client who wants mediawiki set up for their foundation. Is it as
>>simple to set up as some of the CMS software, like Drupal or Wordpress, you
>>have a page where you enter the db info and adjust some settings? When I
>>looked at some of the directions, it has all the linux/apache commands to
>>use, but I would be setting this up on a webhost.

The install instructions are here:

frm this page:

"MediaWiki ships with an installation script which allows web-based
So I think you wont need command line access to the host.

But for maintenance you are going to need command-line access: It says
"Local or command line access is needed for running maintenance scripts"

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